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“GLOW MAKER AHA BHA PHA Clarifying Treatment Toner”
- Daily Exfoliating Treatment Toner with low % acid concentration.
- 3% AHA (Glycolic Acid) , 0,01% BHA (Salicylic Acid) , 0,1% PHA (Lactobionic Acid)
- Get Rid of Dead Skin cells, Unclogged pores, Soften your skin texture, Even out skintone, Fight Acne, blackheads, & whiteheads.

“Ceramic Skin Saviour Moisturizer Gel”
Delivers 18hr Moisture Lock Ceramic Skin, Plumper, & Healthy Skin.

“Game Changer Tripeptide Eye Concentrate Gel 20ml”
A Game Changer that contains 3 Powerful Peptide to treat skin contour around the eyes, overcome eye fatigue such as Dark Circles, Eye Bags, Wrinkles, & Aging in the eyes due to everyday exposure to blue light.
It also smoothen provides moisture in the eye skin area, so the eyes look fresher. increase skin elasticity, brightens dark circles (in 3-4 weeks), hydrates for up to 18 hours, & prevents free radical damage with antioxidant power from Poria Cocos Extract.

This lightweight gel texture absorbs quickly leaves your eye area feeling soft and awaken

“Supple Power Hyaluronic9+ Onsen Essence Toner”
Mineral Rich 2 in 1 Essence & Toner contains 79% Onsen Belgium Hot Spring Water & 9 Types of Hyaluronic Acid with different molecular weights deliver Deep Moisture inside & outside.
pH Balancer & Helps to Prepare your skin to absorb next skincare step more effectively

“Low pH Gentle Jelly Cleanser”
A Vegan Jelly- textured facial cleanser that is formulated with very gentle ingredients, NO SLS & NO PEG. Clinically tested to balance skin pH, soothe the skin, remove dirt & excess sebum, without making the skin dry, stretched, & damaging the skin barrier. Contains Japanese Mugwort, Tea Tree, Centella, & Peppermint. Suitable for All skin types, even for sensitive , & acne-prone skin.

- Vegan
- Suitable for Acne Prone + Sensitive Skin
- Dermatologist Tested
- Suitable for Teenagers from 11yo & Preggo friendly

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